Register for APEX Team's BE OUR GUEST Choral Projects

Before you register, we ask you to answer the following Yes/No questions.

1. Are you a VIP user of the Smule app?

2. Do you have any experience singing in an SATB (i.e. soprano, alto, tenor and bass) choir outside the Smule app?

3. Do you have the necessary discipline and training of a choir person?

4. Are you a team-player?

5. Would you like to be invited by APEX Team to join an APEX choral project?

If you answered YES to all these five questions, register in APEX Team's BE OUR GUEST Choral Projects. If we find a project that matches your voice, we will message you in Smule or in Line app. But please... BE PATIENT.

Even if you previously joined a non-choral BE OUR GUEST project, you can still sign up for these choral projects.

Register here:

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