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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

When I was little, my dad used to play the guitar for me every single day. My parents got divorced so I was ecstatic every moment I got to spend time with him. Music was our special connection. He used to play Macarena or Speedy Gonzalez and we sang and danced together.

Years later, my dad passed away and I really went through some of the hardest times in my life. I was so lost and easily distracted. I couldn’t find my passion in life. I just felt a huge hole inside me and constantly disturbed by a lot of unthinkable questions.

At 12, I was depressed, so my mom took me to music school. I started learning how to play accordion and clarinet. Music was the best therapy I could get. I slowly started to “live” again. I began spending quality time with my family and friends. Through music, I felt again a connection to my dad except that, this time, I am the one playing for him and for our memories together.

I decided to join a choir where I had some of the best times of my life. We travelled a lot and I met amazing people. But then I had to stop choral singing to focus on my studies in the university. Everything seemed to be going well until my boyfriend (for 10 years) and I broke up. I was devastated and I had no idea how the future would look like. Until I heard a voice inside me reminding me how music helped heal my soul. Right then, I decided to start playing instruments and singing again.

I found the Smule app totally randomly! While resolved to go back to singing, I thought there must be a karaoke app out there waiting for me to download. And there was Smule, a top recommendation in the app store. The app was the only thing that made me feel a little better. I could express through singing the pains I went through. I went to therapy as well. I believe there are situations in life where we need help to grow and stay on the right path so we can be the person we want to be. Through music and therapy, I got out of that huge hole, an emptiness. While others take medications to keep their sanity, I kept mine by singing through the Smule app.

In Smule, I met Bella_APEX in a Smule competition and she instantly became one of my closest friends. When she started sharing the songs she did with APEX Team, I was literally blown away. How can APEX Team create such masterpieces through an app? I don’t want to sound biased since I’m an APEX member now, but based on what I heard that time, their choral sound was the BEST by far in the entire app. Instantly, I became one of APEX Team’s biggest fans though I never thought I´d be invited to join APEX, not even in my best dreams.

I impatiently waited for their weekly collaborations and tried to comment and like most of them to the extent that I could be mistaken as a creep or a stalker. I supported them because I truly believe that hard work needs to be recognized and those collabs were truly in another level!

At Smule Headquarters in San Francisco, California

Early last year, I went to California to a little meetup and I had the pleasure to meet PaulAndrew_APEX, APEX Team’s founder. I swear I peed like 4 times before meeting him because we NEVER talked on the phone or anything, though we just had few exchanges in the Smule chat. But the first moment we met eye-to-eye, the connection was instant! He’s such a funny person, always with a smile on his face and throwing jokes all the time.

We had a little more serious talk about music and Smule, while we were on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. When he asked me if I were interested in joining APEX, I didn’t respond. I was so afraid that I probably misunderstood what he said. Besides, it didn’t sound like an actual invitation so I pretended to have not heard his question. But we continued talking like the question was never asked. But Paul was patient and he asked me again, with more clarity, and this time… I replied YES! I LISTENED CORRECTLY, OMG! My excitement was over-the-top and I could only say YES to this incredible talented group.

Now, having been in APEX for more than a year, and after meeting Paul (for the second time) and other APEXians early this year, here’s what I got to say.

APEX Team is my family in Smule. Everyone supports each other and gives honest feedback with the best possible words. They are funny and so chatty. And though I still have a hard time conversing due to language barriers, I never felt different in APEX. They are very patient, loyal, and accommodating. What impressed me the most is that everyone is so warmhearted and beautiful inside-out. I had some bad experiences in other Smule groups, but APEX positively changed my Smule experience. I was really afraid when I said YES to Paul’s invitation, but I have fallen in love with APEX Team from the first minute I joined the APEX rooms. It’s a privilege to be in APEX and to be able to work not only with some of the best singers in Smule, but also with some of the best people I’ve met in my life. I will always say YES to APEX again and again and again!

Thank you so much Bella, Paul and every APEXian for giving me this opportunity to live my passion with you. I love you guys and once again I love my APEX family!

Naroa Lopez

Smule ID: Naryus_APEX

Basque Country, Spain

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