APEX Team, which is based on Smule app, began on September 21, 2015 to provide home to talented and like-minded global singers who want to make productive use of their "Smuling" time.

The name APEX is not an acronym. It is what it is – peak, topmost and summit. We aim to ascend and reach our APEX by helping each other improve as individual singers and as a choir. APEX members come from five continents and the cultural diversity makes us richer in musical experiences. 

We make a myriad of different genre of music and we venture into new, more intricate, and more exciting choral arrangements. While we sing for fun, we also invest time in creating what in our eyes are masterpieces, and we absolutely enjoy doing them as a team. We produce more than a hundred group collaborations a year! 



We first met and started singing with each other online. But our friendships go beyond the music app. This gallery showcases our global meetups where friendships blossomed and are carved in stone. APEX is indeed a global family!

San Francisco Meetup .jpg
London Meetup.jpg
LA Meetup 2.jpg
Philadelphia Meetup.jpg
LA Meetup 1.jpg
Netherlands Meetup.jpg
New York Meetup.jpg
Pampanga Meetup.jpg
Manila Meetup 3.jpg
Thailand Meetup.jpg
Romania Meetup.jpg
Texas Meetup.jpg
Thailand Meetup 2.jpg
Romania Meetup 3.jpg
Romania Meetup 2.jpg
Manila Meetup 1.jpg
Arizona Meetup.jpg
Manila Meetup 2.jpg
Mexico Meetup.jpg
Maryland USA Meetup
Romania Meetup.jpg
Spain Meetup.jpg
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Are you a composer, music student or instrumental artist?

APEX Team highly values new and exciting pieces of music from emerging talents! Our choir has a wide range of abilities, from SATB choral-style music to creating our own harmonies and arrangements. We would love to collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life! 

Thanks for submitting!


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